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LPG Saver
Model No. SA 101

Save LPG, Save Money, Save The Nation

LPG Saver can increase the Thermal Efficiency upto 30%. As a result it can save our domestic LPG
LPG Saver has a serrated sleeve type design which fits closely around their circumference of standard domestic gas burners. The clearance between the inner dia of the sleeve and outer dia of the gas burner is optimized to 1.5 to 2.0 mm. This ensure that the flame is centered and directed to the cooking vessel only and not dissipated to the sides away from the cooking vessel. Hence this design ensures that irrespective of the gas burner design deficiency the flame is fully focused and directed to the cooking vessel. The Thermal Efficiency increase upto 30% after installation of LPG Saver unit. This ensures that the flame is in full contact with the cooking vessel thereby transferring direct heat through conduction as well as convection heat transfer. The other unique design feature of this LPG Saver is that there are high quality Nickel chromium(NICHROME) mixed wires of 32 mm dia which are fixed in criss cross optimized pattern approx 2 mm below the top of the serrated teeth of the LPG Saver which have a T shape to prevent the NICHROME mixed wires from coming out of the product. This unique design aids the heat transfer substantially as NICHROME has very high specific heat capacity and very high heat conductivity. It transfer heat through conduction heat transfer in the most efficient manner and at the same time also emanates radiant heat which helps in more efficient and productive use of precious fuel. In summary this unique design of gas saver reduces gas consumption by using all the principles of heat transfer viz conduction, convection and radiation in the most efficient manner possible. We here by highlight the classical heat after equations from established thermodynamic laws on which this unique gas saver product works.

Thermal efficiency Method of Test as per IS: 2980
The Savior LPG Saver has been certified by M.S.M.E, (A Govt. of India Test Laboratory) and a product of An ISO Certified Company and A Govt. Regd. S.S.I. Unit.
Reduced LPG cost
Maintenance free
Easy Installation
Environmental friendly