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Model No. SA-602

Save LPG, Save Money, Save The Nation
New Generation Fire Alarm with MCU based intelligent control system. It takes care of your household from fire and gives you best advantage from safety point of view.

Fire is the rapid oxidation of a material in the chemical process of combustion, releasing heat, smoke, light, and various reaction productsTypically, fire comes from a chemical reaction between oxygen in the atmosphere and some sort of fuel (wood or gasoline etc.).

Why Fire Alarm?
A fire may break out in one room and then spread stealthily to other rooms without any noise or warning. And by the time we realize, the raging flames may have engulfed the whole house. However, amazingly the device that gives us a warning signal against the break out of a fire is the small fire alarm that lies inconspicuously attached to the ceiling of a room, keeping a watch against fire as we sleep peacefully through the night. The Savior Fire Alarm device have heat detectors that sense fire and set off an alarm that lets the residents of the house or building know that there a fire in within the premises. The fire alarm sounds off giving enough time to people to evacuate the building. Hence, since they were invented and popularized, they have been instrumental in saving a large number of lives.
Savior Fire Alarm is Tested & Approved by National Test House (a Govt. of India Test Laboratory) and a product of An ISO Certified Company and A Govt. Regd. S.S.I. Unit.
Maintenance free
Easy Installation
Environmental friendly
  Safe, Assured Quality, Simple to use.
Save Resources & Save The Nation.
Very simple to use and install.
Fabulous return for small cost.
Specification / Technical
Sensor Type Heat Sensor
Power Source 9V DC batteries. (Replacement recommended twice a Year)
Hooter Alarm 80dB
How Savior Fire Alarm Works
Savior Fire Alarm works on the basis of Heat Detection
To activate the Savior Fire Alarm switch on the activation switch. When the room temperature becomes much higher than normal the sensor of the Savior Fire Alarm which is basically a heat sensor sends a signal to programmed microchip, then microchip sends a signal to the alarm. The alarm sounds until the room temperature becomes normal otherwise someone cut off the alarm circuit by switch off the activation switch.